What outstanding features upcoming All-new X-Trail will be equipped?

Part 3: Premium comfort technologies that make Iconic Premium Crossover – All-new Nissan X-Trail

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Power open-close tailgate with handfree sensor – First in class feature

Power open-close tailgate with handfree sensor equipped with gate height limitation upon users’ height helps ease users from closing/opening the tailgate without even a hand touch. This feature is extremely useful especially during the rain, when the car is dirty,  in case of lifting bulky package, or even when cradling baby. In a distance of 01 meter, when user brings his smart key, raises his hands to sensor position of car, within 2 – 3 seconds, the system will activate to open tailgate. In case of facing any obstacles while closing, the tailgate will automatically stop to ensure user safety and prevent any potential injury. Now, closing/opening is much easier than ever!

Cảm biến mở - đóng cửa sau xe tự động


More and more experience with Panorama dual sunroof

Panorama dual sunroof equipped on X-Trail has the largest dimension in the segment (length of 01 meter). It helps driver and passengers not only receives natural light to brighten interior but also bring users great pleasure. Thanks to panorama dual sunroof, passengers in the second row seat also fully enjoy natural scenery, fresh air during the journey with companion – All-new X-Trail.

Cửa sổ trời kép Panorama

Convenience, Utility & Flexibility with 5 + 2 Contingency seat option

Large cargo area to provide utility for carrying extra baggage or large & long items when needed plus the convenience & flexibility of a neatly stowed 5 + 2 seating option for transporting an extended family or additional guests by providing 2 optional seating for children.

5+2 seat

More comfortable with Zero Gravity inspired drivers’ seat

Apart from bringing a prestige and elegant look and feel to the premium Crossover’s cabinet, Zero Gravity inspired driver’s seat – inspired by a  research of NASA on optimal posture of astronauts in weightless environment – helps minimize fatigue while sitting in the car for too long. Along with 8 directions powered adjustment function, the driver’s seat creates a balance posture, improving blood circulation, reducing fatigue and giving the driver a feeling of comfort throughout long journeys. Also, on all 3 variants, All-new X-Trail is equipped with power adjustment seat, creating a sense of comfort and luxury while sitting in a first-class Crossover.

LED headlamps with modern design
Nissan has equipped for their “warrior” X-Trail with the LED headlamps with auto levelizer. Nissan X-Trail Daytime LED running light is meticulously designed and created its own unique signature. In addition to increasing modernity for cars, LED headlamps also provide competitive advantage such as greater longevity, natural light like, and energy saving.

Dải đèn LED chạy ban ngày

Additionally, Nissan X-Trail is equipped with a series of advanced features, namely: Front wiper with variable intermittent, mist wipe and speed sensor and drip wipe; Smart key and Start/Stop button; Cruise control system; Fuel economy driving mode (ECO mode); Dual zone auto A/C with pollen filter and ventilation system for rear seats; Hands-free  Bluetooth Telephone conversations; Modern entertainment system, …

Being researched and developed carefully to every single detail, from safety features to premium comfort features, X-Trail will certainly make a dream of an Innovative Premium Crossover come true. And, consequently, X-Trail will bring utmost satisfaction and special experience on your every journey.

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