Secret behind the smooth operation of Nissan Navara EL

Since official launch in 2015, Nissan Navara has made a strong impression in the Vietnamese market because of its toughness, smart and premium features. Inheriting 80 years of Nissan pickup heritage with 12 generations in more than 180 countries, Navara is nowadays a popular choice of customers globally.

After receiving the prestigious “International pick-up of the Year 2016” award in Lyon, France for efficient and powerful engine, outstanding on-road and off-road capability, durable chassis as well as premium facilities, Navara continued to win “The Best Product Pickup Category” title at the International Rainforest Challenge in Malaysia and received ASEAN NCAP 5 star safety rating in 2016.

Being introduced in 2016, Navara EL variant is equipped with an in-line 4-cylinder DOHC engine with a displacement of 2,488cc & generating max power of 161HP at 3,600 rpm and max torque of 403Nm at 2000rpm to lead the 2.5L Diesel pickup truck segment. Moreover, Navara EL comes with cutting-edge technologies and features such as Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Emergency Brake Assist (BA), 7-speed automatic transmission – the first in Vietnam’s pickup segment, to help optimize the ability to operate and ensure absolute safety. Especially, Navara EL receives great acceptance because of its outstanding smooth ride & passenger comfort for a pickup truck. One of the vital factors that make its distinction is the multi-link rear suspension.

Navara owns features that make it distinctive in pickup truck segment (Image: Autodaily)

Suspension is probably one of the most complex aspects of a car’s structure. It represents the assembly of linkages, springs and shock absorbers that connects a car’s body to the wheels. Suspensions are vital in a car’s handling and braking, but also the key component in a vehicle when it comes to comfort for both the driver and the passengers.

Suspensions are divided in two main categories, dependent and independent and Multi-link Suspension is an independent one. It uses three or more lateral arms and one or one or more longitudinal arms and can be angled away from their natural direction. Each of the arms has a spherical joint or rubber bushing at each end, causing them to work in tension and compression and not in bending.

Multi-link rear suspension structure on Navara EL

With compact size, the multi-link rear suspension in Nissan Navara EL offers both easy handling and comfortable driving experience. Moreover, this system also helps the car operate more flexibly.

The multi link suspension brings smooth ride and passenger comfort (Image: Autovn)

Nissan Navara EL is the first pick-up in Vietnam using a multi-link rear suspension, instead of the multi leaf, which makes the car run smoothly like an SUV.

Using a multi-link rear suspension, Navara EL operates smoothly like an SUV (Image: Otosaigon)

The official MSRP of Nissan Navara EL is VND 669 million (inclusive 10% VAT) for both standard and premium variant will allow customers to have the best and most suitable selection.

From August 9 to August 31, 2017, Nissan Vietnam Co, Ltd (NVL) announces a special promotion of VND 48,300,000 for the Navara EL 2WD Automatic (*)

(*) The promotion is not applied for Nissan Navara EL Premium R

Nissan Navara has also passed extreme tests at plant in Thailand.