Receive Thank-you gifts – Enjoy new car experience

With the aim to express our sincere appreciation to all Nissan customers and to provide them with the test-drive opportunity of all-new X-Trail, Nissan Vietnam would like to introduce the service campaign: “RECEIVE THANK-YOU GIFTS – ENJOY NEW CAR EXPERIENCE” from 28/09/2016 to 31/10/2016 at all Nissan authorized 3S dealers nationwide. 


Nissan vehicle owners who visit Nissan authorized 3S dealers during the service campaign “Receive thank-you gifts – Enjoy new car experience” will be offered the following promotions:

  • Discount 20% on PMS Package(1)
  • Gifts from Nissan Vietnam
  • Gifts for customers who participate in all-new X-Trail test drive(2)
  • Gifts for existing X-Trail customers who participate in all-new X-Trail test drive(3)

(1) Apply to all car models which were distributed by Nissan Vietnam/TCIE Vietnam and based on standard PMS package

(2) Customers participating in all-new X-Trail Test Drive will receive an Esteem Gift Voucher (100.000 VNĐ).

(3) Customers who currently own X-Trail and participate in all-new X-Trail Test Drive will receive an additional Service Coupon (200.000 VNĐ)

All-new Nissan X-Trail will be introduced in Vietnam by the end of the third quarter in 2016. With premium features and innovative technology which is applied for the first time in the world as well as in Crossover segment, all-new Nissan X-Trail will definitely bring a new automotive trend for all car lovers in Vietnam.

Please contact Nissan Careline 1800-6883 or Website: for further information.

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