Nissan Navara awarded Best Product Pickup title in Rainforest Challenge

Rated among the Top Ten Toughest Motor Races in the world, the Rainforest Challenge Malaysia tests 4×4 vehicles and their crews to the limits. The vehicles that made it through the recent 10-day event proved their capabilities and durability although many were specially prepared for the event.

However, some were fairly standard models with basic accessories installed and mandatory safety equipment added. The Nissan Navara was one of them and it had only bull bars, halogen spotlights, winch, protection bars, recovery kit, 4×4 tyres, and a snorkel. The suspension was also changed to be tougher to cope with the extreme conditions.

Provided by Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM), two units were used as official cars in supporting the overall RFC operational and transportation management while a third unit was used in the race by two Brazilian ‘Ladies of Steel’, Fabiana Martins (driver) and Julieth Zanelato (navigator/co-driver).

The three Navaras completed the event and also gained recognition by winning the Best Product Pickup Category title challenge.

“On behalf of ETCM, I would like to congratulate Fabiana and Julieth on their superb performance in completing the RFC 2016 Grand Final. The event is known to be one of the world’s toughest motor races; and we are proud that the Nissan Navara has successfully completed the RFC 2016, proven to be the tougher and smarter truck”, said Tan Keng Meng, Executive Director of ETCM.

“RFC is a dream for every 4×4 competitors in the world. When Luis came to me with the opportunity to drive a Nissan for RFC, I was thrilled that I was able to take on this challenge. Having said this, I would like to thank Nissan and RFC for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Ms Martins.

Commenting on the impressive performance of the Navara, Luis J.A.Wee, the Founder of the Rainforest Challenge, said: “The Nissan Navara is already a 4×4 machine of calibre, but with this proven win in RFC 2016, it is indeed “The Ultimate Pickup”.”