Experience excellent service quality at Nissan Vietnam

Together with efforts to provide high-quality products which can fulfill all customer needs with reasonable prices, Nissan Vietnam also treats service improvement as one of our top priorities. In addition, holding the values of a global brand, Nissan Vietnam has made great improvement in satisfying customers, especially in terms of complete and professional customer service.

Professional service team with excellent knowledge and skills

According to Nissan’s recent customer survey, people are the most important factor which contributes to customer satisfaction with dealers.

Mr. Luyen Huu Tuan (Nissan Navara owner) tells about his experience at Long Bien dealers: “My overall impression is that dealer staffs are very friendly and helpful. I highly appreciate the efforts and attitude from all employees including receptionist, service consultant, and technicians at the working bays”. Moreover, what made him most satisfied was “excellent knowledge and skills of service consultants”.


Service consultants always try to understand customers’ concern and provide the best solution

Furthermore, Mr. Hoang Duc Vinh (Nissan NP300 Navara owner) also shares his experience at Nissan Ha Dong: “I always feel like home when taking my car for service at this dealer. Every time I turn up, the staff immediately recognizes and greets me even though I am not a popular customer at this dealer.”

Standard service process – Assured repairing service

In addition to “people” factor, most customers choose to do service at Nissan dealers because they are very satisfied with its high quality repairing service and standard service process.

Mr. Do Hung Dung (Nissan Teana owner) said: “For common service such as Oil Change service, I could bring my car to other private garages. However, the high-quality repairing service and excellent customer service at Nissan dealer helps to keep customers loyal with them.” In other words, it can be said that service is the most important factor which contributes to customer satisfaction and keep them stay with the dealers in the long-term. Mr. Dung also said: “I don’t believe in service from other private garages. If they change a low-quality part for my car, it may cause serious damages.”


Customers are highly satisfied with service quality at Nissan dealers

Another striking point in service quality at Nissan dealers is appointment scheduling. Once the customers send their request via channels like website, hotline or Nissan Careline 1800-6883, the dealer will prepare all necessary parts and labor resources in order to provide better and faster service when customers come. Besides, customers with advanced appointments can also enjoy service priority and other conveniences. Mr. Hoang Duc Vinh (Nissan NP300 Navara) said: “Thanks to appointment scheduling service, my visit to dealers is faster and more convenient. As soon as I arrive at the dealer, my car is taken for service while I can enjoy myself at comfortable waiting room.”


Standard appointment scheduling helps to bring more conveniences to customers

After customers finish service and leave the dealers, our 3-day follow-up program will be conducted to take care of customer’s satisfaction and collect their feedback. Mr. Vinh also said: “I used to have service at dealers of other brands but did not experience any follow-up program. I feel that they only take care of customers during sales process but the aftersales service is sometimes ignored.”

Modern and comfortable facility

Many customers are particularly happy with modern facilities at Nissan dealers, especially the waiting room with many entertainment tools, which helps to provide customers with pleasing and comfortable experiences.  Mr. Do Hung Dung (Nissan Teana owner) also added: “All waiting rooms at Nissan dealers have glass window looking directly at the repairing bays. I am totally satisfied with this design as it is easy for customer to check the repairing process while they are sitting at the waiting room.”


Customers sitting at the waiting room can check all activities at the working bays

 “The power comes from inside”

 “The power comes from inside” – the simple phrase but conveys a powerful truth – has become Nissan global slogan. Nissan Vietnam is committed to make continuing improvement in terms of human resource, facility, service quality and standard service process, aiming at providing the most satisfying experience for customers.