Product Quality

Product quality is what allows customers to drive their cars in comfort and with peace of mind over a long period. To enable real improvements in product quality, not only design phase and production phase, but also through robust partnership with suppliers, Nissan is improving its quality component by component. Nissan conducts follow-up inspections on vehicles that have been in the market for several years to gauge their durability.

Perceived Quality

The term “Perceived Quality” refers to the quality that customers acknowledge via the look, the touch, and the feel of a car. For example, in a showroom, the customer would first take a glance around the car, then open the door, sit on the seat, and check the quality of the details. At Nissan, we are systematically working on techniques to enhance both the quality feel and the craftsmanship perceivable through the fives senses.

Sales and Service Quality

Effective management of Sales and Service Quality across all major National Sales Companies (NSC) will ensure that our customers experience the level of care that exceeds their expectations when they either purchase a new Nissan vehicle or bring their vehicle into a Nissan dealership for servicing, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction, advocacy, loyalty and the Nissan brand.

Snowman in the desertc

We engineer Nissan Commercial Vehicles to be the toughest in the business, going over 800,000 miles and employing 7,000 Quality and Durability tests. Come join us at Nissan’s Arizona Testing Center and see some of the most challenging tests in action.

An-ti Aging

Anti-Aging. In time, all things deteriorate to varying degrees as the years pass. And just as we work to slow the aging process with diet, exercise and health products, there is a team at Nissan who work to ensure your car won’t age prematurely, and is fit to give you years of driving pleasure. Their work goes on day and night to keep your car from aging, but for them the enemy is not wrinkles, blemishes and greying hair, it’s rust.