How often do I need to have the oil changed in my vehicle?

Your owner’s manual and Warranty Information & Maintenance Booklet gives a full explanation of the types of maintenance as well as the time intervals when the services should be performed. Or, click in this website for “Service” section of this page to get an idea of what kind of maintenance your vehicle requires.

What should I do if I think my Nissan vehicle needs service?

You should always call a Nissan dealer, even if you aren’t sure that your vehicle requires service. A simple call will help you avoid bigger cost and inconveniences later.

What should I do to repair my vehicle after a collision?

Always insist on Nissan Collision Parts to keep your Nissan running at an optimal level.

How can I obtain the key code for my vehicle?

Proceed to your nearest Nissan dealer and request that a duplicate key to be made.

How can I obtain an owner’s manual for my Nissan vehicle?

Owner’s manual is always attached with the New Vehicle so please contact to your Nissan dealer who delivered the car for you to get a suitable owner’s manual.
In case you bought the car from another owner,you should to ask them about this owner’s manual.

Can I receive a notice before my maintenance schedule arrives?

Normally, Nissan Dealer will inform you by phone,e-mail or send you “Service Reminder” card after Period Maintenance at Nissan dealer.

Do I need to do something for daily care of my vehicle?

Yes, it is necessary for your car always under the best condition. Please refer to “Daily Maintenance” in “Service” section of this page for details.


When does the warranty on my Nissan begin?

The warranty period begins on the date the vehicle is delivered to the first retail buyer or put into use whichever comes first.

How long is my Nissan’s warranty and what does it cover?

The period for Nissan New Vehicle Warranty is 36 months or 100,000 km (60,000 miles) whichever comes first. New Vehicle Warranty covers all parts and components of each new Nissan vehicle except for tires and those items listed under the”What is not covered” in “Service” section of this page.

Is there a deductible for warranty repairs?

No, there is no deductible for warranty repairs.

Is towing covered?

Any incidental or consequential expenses resulting fron defect in material or workmanship of any part of vehicle are not covered by warranty. Therefore towing is not covered.

Is rental car reimbursement covered?

Any incidental or consequential expenses resulting from defect in material or workmanship of any part of vehicle are not covered by warranty.Therefore rental car reimbursements is not covered.

Who will determine if the repair on my vehicle is covered?

Take your vehicle to the nearest Nissan dealer. Once they have diagnosed the problem, you will be advised whether the repair is covered.

Will I be reimbursed for a warranty repair not done at an suthorized dealer?

Your Nissan warranty generally requires that you take your Nissan to an authorized Nissan dealer.

Are scheduled maintenance services covered by warranty?

Normak maintenance service such as engine tune-up, cleaning and polishing, wheel balance & alignment, headlight aiming, replacement of oil filter, windshield wiper insert, key fob batteries, light bulbs, sparks plugs,distributor points, drive belts, lubricants and coolant, worn brake shoes, pads, drums and rotors and worn clutch discs is not covered by Nissan Warranty Policies.

Can I modify my vehicle or add accessories not authorized by Nissan?

No. You are responsible for properly using, maintaining, and caring for your Nissan as outlined in your owner’s manual and your Warranty Information & Maintenance Booklet. Keep copies of all maintenance records and receipts for potential review by Nissan. Failure to do so could result in the denial of warranty coverage.Evidence that required maintenance has been performed in connection with related warranty repairs should be kept as proof of such service. You can use our online service record Manager to help you keep track of routine maintenance, but keep copies of all maintenance receipts and records. There is also convenient maintenance log in your Warranty Information & Maintenance Booklet. Your Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty does not cover repairs for damage or conditions which are determined to be due to the installation or use of non-genuine Nissan accessories available at the time you order r purchase your new Nissan, as well as after purchase from your Nissan dealer.

I misplaced my Warranty Inforamtion Booklet.How can I get another copy?

Yes, please contact to Nissan dealer who delivered the car to you to get another new one.

How is my Battery Warranty?

The coverage period is 12 months or 20,000 kms (12,000 miles), whichever comes first which is applied to original equipment battery.

How is my Tire Warranty?

Tires orginally installed on a new Nissan vehicle are warranted by the tire manufacturer. In order to obtain tire warranty service,you must present the unserviceable tire to a local tire agent, unless otherwise directed by Nissan.Nissan dealer will asist you in requesting an adjustment through the local tire agent, if necessary.