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The global automotive industry has entered a new era – one that can be expected to change almost every facet of the car in the years ahead.

This is an exciting time. In pursuit of environmentally sustainable mobility, we are now engaged in a great race – one of the greatest engineering competitions in history.
The outcome will deliver significant benefit to humanity. And within our industry it will distinguish the winners from the rest.

Where will the solutions be found? Will it be it fuel-cells, electric cars, bio-fuels, advanced diesels, hybrids – or something not yet invented? No one knows.
As yet there is no “silver bullet” and no winner in sight.

Still, we are confident that effective solutions are within reach. But when a winner does emerge the decision will not be made by engineers.

Consumer demand is the most powerful force for global environmental progress.
And it is very democratic: by exercising their right to choose, every new car buyer in every country gets a vote. So consumers will dictate both the pace of change and its direction.

This poses a significant challenge. Since no one knows which solution will prevail, we must invest massively in R&D in pursuit of every viable alternative.

Fortunately, Nissan is now ready to go the distance in this race.

In 1999, when its finances were in perilous shape, Nissan could not afford sustained investment in technological innovation – the historic core of its brand identity.

Today, with a much healthier balance sheet, our R&D budget is more than double the level of 1999. The impact is much more than double, however, because over the same period we have significantly increased the efficiency of our R&D activities.

This allows us to intensively pursue a broad range of technologies under “Nissan Green Program 2010,” our environmental blueprint. And thanks to our alliance with Renault we are able to focus our on specific promising technologies – such as advanced lithium-ion batteries – and let our partner take the lead in other areas, such as clean diesels.

Environmental progress is coming – and we are determined to be leaders.

Along with “greenness” will come significant technological advances in many other areas such safety and interior comforts. Last but not least, in line with our belief that motoring can be both green and fun, you can expect new technologies from Nissan that will enhance dynamic performance.

(from Profile 2007)

Vision: NISSAN, Enriching people’s lives

Mission: Nissan provides unique and innovative automotive products and services that deliver superior measurable values to all stakeholders in alliance with Renault.