Total Vietnam officially launches the exclusive engine oil, Total Quartz NMV, specially formulated for Nissan Vietnam

Today, 30/03/2017, Total Vietnam in collaboration with Nissan Vietnam unveiled a new engine lubricant – Total Quartz NMV – at JW Mariott Hotel Hanoi. This is a specially-formulated product line, exclusively for Nissan vehicles and offers many benefits for consumers not only in terms of better vehicle performance and protection but also in terms of vehicle ownership cost.

Nissan Vietnam, in collaboration with Total Vietnam has taken a step further to improve its customers’ experience and value proposition with the exclusive range of engine oil for Nissan cars.

Total Quartz NMV (SAE 10W-40, API SN/CF) is the result after years of researching and testing lubrication compatibility with Nissan vehicles.

Total’s lubricant products and production facilities have been certified with an ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance, thereby ensuring products meet the latest API, JASO and other international specifications. Thanks to the new collaboration with Nissan Vietnam, Total Vietnam continues to research and develop higher-quality engine oil to provide better values for loyal Nissan customers.

The introduction of this exclusive engine oil for Nissan vehicles will create better value for loyal Nissan customers  in terms of improvement in engine performance and reduction in cost of ownership.

Based on research and testing of Total lubricants on Nissan vehicles, Total Quartz engine oil can provide excellent protection of piston and parts from wear up to 50%, helping to prolong engine’s life. Moreover, test of oxidation stability during vehicle operation also reveals that Total Quartz NMV shows a 20% better oxidation stability, which will help to extend the oil change cycle.

One special feature of this product is super durable membrane technology, which helps the viscous molecules efficiently absorb the pressure and friction, minimizes the breakdown of the oil molecular bonds, wear and heat reduction, helping to maintain optimum efficiency even in extreme conditions like hot, humid urban area.

In addition, special additives are added to the Total Quartz engine lubricant to reduce noise and friction when mechanical components are in contact, therefore, making gear shifts faster, minimizing clutch slippage, and resulting in significantly longer gearbox life.

Total Quartz NMV (SAE 10W-40, API SN/CF) is a high-quality engine oil product which is specially formulated for Nissan vehicles.

This product is recommended to use for both gasoline engines and diesel engines, for vehicles equipped with direct injection nozzle, multiple suctions or turbocharging technology. The new product offers outstanding features as follows:

  • Ensure excellent engine-start, prevent deposits and control oxidation.
  • Optimize power and engine performance in extreme driving conditions.
  • Real long-term wear protection of engine parts (distribution, ring, piston and liner), thus increasing engine life.
  • Compatible with all emissions control devices

Apply for oil change at authorised Nissan Dealers

Nissan Vietnam currently has 14 authorized 3S dealers nationwide. These authorized dealers have to strictly follow 3S global standards: Sales – Service – Spare Parts, providing customers with diverse products and quality sales and after-sales service.

The new engine oil – Total Quartz NMV is being made available at all authorized Nissan dealers nationwide. It is also important to note that this type of engine oil is exclusive for customers when servicing their vehicles at authorized Nissan dealers.

On the occasion of this new engine oil introduction, Nissan Vietnam in collaboration with Total Vietnam plan to carry out various promotion campaigns for customers.

The first campaign is to be launched at all authorized Nissan dealers nationwide from 01/04/2017 to 29/04/2017. Customers who do PMS service not only have the chance to use the new type of engine oil but also get special discount for standard PMS package. In addition, there are also other promotions for customers with appointment, like discount engine oil vouchers.

In addition to Total Quartz NMV, Nissan Vietnam is also collaborating with Total Vietnam to develop a new product, namely Rubia NMV 15W40 (4x5L), specially formulated for diesel vehicles like Nissan Navara. This product is expected to be launched in 2017 with the purpose of offering customers more product choices in the future.

Some images at the product launching event:

Overview of the product launching event (Source: Autodaily)

Representatives of Nissan Viet Nam và Total Viet Nam took picture at product launching event

Mr. Khoo Cheng Pah – General Director of Nissan Vietnam

Representatives from Total Viet Nam present about outstanding features of Total Quartz NMV

Guests took pictures at display booth

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