Nissan Navara Chassis Corrosion Issue in the United Kingdom

Ha Noi, 8th February 2017 – Nissan Vietnam (NVL) as the official distributor of Nissan vehicles in Vietnam would like to assure owners of the Nissan Navara consisting of the previous generation D40 model & the current generation D23 model that the Navara models purchased from our authorized Nissan dealerships are not affected by the chassis corrosion issue in the United Kingdom.

Both generations of the Nissan Navara distributed in Vietnam are manufactured & imported from Thailand & not Spain, which manufacture & distribute for the European market.

All Nissan Navara vehicles imported to Vietnam are subject to stringent testing & meet the highest quality and safety standards.

For the best ownership experience of Nissan vehicles, Nissan advises customers to bring their cars to authorized Nissan Dealerships for the recommended periodic maintenance service and inspection as specified in the Nissan Vehicle Owner’s Manual Guidebook.

For more information, please visit our website or contact Nissan Careline 1800-6883